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the value of the CVMA You may not be used to seeing this type of publication from the CVMA. Why are you holding this in your hands right now? Well, read on…. Every other month, the CVMA publishes California Veterinarian, the flagship magazine for the California veterinary profession. In each issue of what we affectionately refer to as "the CV," we bring you articles on clinical, practice management, legislative, and wellness topics, among others, and provide reports on what is happening in and around the CVMA and in the veterinary community at large. We also endeavor to drive home—in myriad ways—the benefits and value of CVMA membership. So, recently, the thought came to us: Why not talk about everything we do in one, easy-to-digest publication? We are proud to offer The Value of the CVMA, which does just that. In the pages that follow, you will see that we advocate, we educate, we inform, we discount, we sponsor, we insure, we deploy, we defend, we award, we outreach, and more than anything else…we lead. We are a membership organization, so our members are our lifeblood. The CVMA can't thrive—or survive—without the robust participation of the California veterinary community. We realize that in exchange for that participation, we have an ever-present duty to maintain our leadership through everything that we do. We take that duty seriously. As you read further, you'll see that CVMA membership literally and figuratively "pays for itself." Membership is intended to bring you both the tangible benefits detailed in the following pages and the intangible mental and emotional payback of knowing that you are part of a membership and leadership community dedicated to supporting one another, and to furthering the interests of the profession that you have chosen. So, if you are already a member of the CVMA, thank you! If you are not yet a member, we invite you to join today! Similarly, if you are a member and wish to become more involved in CVMA leadership, please let us know! In any event, we invite you to read on and familiarize yourself with everything that the CVMA is doing to lead the veterinary profession forward, now and in the years to come. Welcome to the CVMA! welcome. Dan Baxter Executive Director Elisabeth Klapstein, DVM 2021–2022 President 2

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